Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Have wife will travel.

We made it to the airport on the 2nd, to pick up the girls, about 10 minutes before their flight landed. We ended up hangin out for a few hours as their luggage didn't come through for quite a while. We loaded up the bikes at the airport and headed into town at about midnight. It was nice to have less traffic for the initial two up ride. We unloaded at the apartment and caught up a little before heading to bed around 3 am! The next day we o.d. on steak and eggs for breakfast before hitting the city for some sightseeing. We made it got the Casa Rosada, to see where Eva Peron delivered her famous "Don't cry for me Argentina" speech. We also walked through the Sunday market in San Telmo and got a few nice things for friends back home. The market seemed to go on down a small cobblestone street for miles and miles. After we were all shopped out we went to the Puerto Madero neighborhood and hiked through the reserva ecologia to catch a glimpse of the Atlantic before heading west. The shoreline was less than inviting and the beach was made up of old pieces of buildings all smashed up into chunks. Our last stop on the whirlwind tour was the La Boca neighborhood. We had been warned several times by several different people to steer clear of this working class neighborhood because it was too dangerous. If we had listened to advice like that we wouldn't be on this trip! We hopped a cab and drove past one of the shanty towns that are never far away in BA on our way to La Boca, where "they were waiting for us!" as one person who had warned us to stay out had said. The neighborhood was one of the highlights in my book. The buildings were all brightly painted with a traditional style that stems from the early inhabitants of this area being the boat painters, that used left over vibrant boat paint to adorn the neighborhood with so much character. There were tango shows and sidewalk cafes filling the streets with music and laughter. As the sun was setting we decided to hop a cab back to the apartment for a siesta before hitting the town again for a night of Tango! We managed to get to the Milonga at about 1am and took a seat beside the dance floor hat was packed with people on a Sunday night, all tangoing away in unison. The ritual was for the man to send a stare in the woman's direction and if she holds his gaze then it was a go! Brooke is a lover of the Tango and she was on the floor in minutes twisting away. It was so different than what I had imagined. The crowd was full of older men and young women all dancing the night away. We didn't get to bed until after 3am and we had to be out of the apartment the next day at 10am. We all got up and hustled out of there on time. The bikes got repacked, and all 4 of us headed west!

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  1. Those twisty trees in the last picture are cooool. Dammmit, I hate you guys, but I love you guys!

    The post title is great BTW.