Saturday, February 16, 2013

Windy mileage.

Leaving the 7 lakes region was tough, it was a pretty place. The road east was quite windy. It may have even rivaled peru for a little while there. I was filming things with the gopro camera for a while and then all of a sudden a massive gust of wind ripped it off the bike and sent it careening down the highway. I pulled over and located 8 different pieces of he one piece camera, including the memory card which came away unscathed! We pushed our luck and rode past a few good campsites as we had an early start, but we ended up in the middle of nowhere at sunset and had to stay at a gas station hotel. The temperature rose steadily as we headed away from the lakes and it was over a hundred for most of the 400 mile day.

We got up this morning and had our obligatory medialunas before heading out again, we have 700 miles left to BA... and we managed to cover more than 450 of those today! Nothing much to see in the middle of this country. One of the best sights are the caravans that roam the farms in the heartlands of Argentina. The one pictured is a tractor pulling 3 different trailers! They go from farm to farm working the fields and they tow their housing along with their equipment.

This might be the last installment of the roadside creatures... Flamingoes!!!!! Pictures included. We also saw some
wild guinea pigs today.

I am excited to return, with my wife, someday and spend some time in the southern regions of Argentina and Chile. Tomorrow we will be in BA to start the shipping process and get our last taste of the tango capital of the world.

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