Friday, November 23, 2012

Baja 1000

Breakfast was good, we woke up before the sunrise and watched it come up over the Sea of Cortez. Great way to start a day if you ask me. The 50 miles of dirt turned out to be pretty easy, save for some small patches of loose gravel and sand which can get quite squirrelly on a big bike like the BMW R1200 GS Adventures we are riding. We made it through unscathed and hit highway 1. The views here were amazing! Cactus I have never seen before filled the landscape of mountains and rolling hills. They look like a really tall stalk dotted with leaves and a big bushy head of orange flowers.... like something out of Dr. Seuss The road twisted down into the valley and out towards the Pacific Ocean. Once we got closer to the coast the wind picked up a bit and things got a little cooler which was nice. We stopped at the border for the baja sur and meet some nice people riding BMW bikes all loaded up. We asked them where they were headed and it turns out they were on their way back north from La Paz. They also just started a motorcycle rental business up in Oregon. We exchanged some shop talk and got some advice about the road to come and headed on our way. We made it just a few more miles down the road and decided to slip into Guerrero Negro for some seafood. We ended up having a couple beers and getting a room at Malarrimo after and excellent thanksgiving seafood feast! I have been looking up some hot spring locations on the free wifi for tomorrow since 3 am. I can't seem to sleep past 4am on this trip, hopefully that changes soon. I am going to see if I can get a couple more minutes of sleep before we hit the road in a couple of hours!

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