Friday, November 16, 2012

Colorado and New Mexico

Two days and 658 miles into the trip... Day one was a bit of a wash as we ended up tying up loose ends and maintenance issues until late in the afternoon, but we did still manage to get 250 miles on the clock! We ended up getting a hotel room in Trinidad Colorado. Nice place, with a hot tub and a salt water swimming pool... Slept for about 9 hours straight! I think that all the stress of planning and preparing for the trip finally slipped away and I was able to settle in a bit. The bikes have been awesome, rolling down the smooth asphalt of I-25 at 75 mph watching the miles pile up has been a cathartic experience. As the hum of engine and rubber eats my worries away I find myself thinking about the gravity of this trip and how it might unfold and influence the person that I am and how I view the world. It has always amazed me how the slower you travel through the world the more you experience and change through the miles you rack up. Traveling by bike has been one of my favorite modes of transportation ever since I rode my first three wheeler when I was a kid. The smells and sights mix in with the temperature and changes in scenery to create a sort of immersion that really makes you feel as though you are a part of the landscape and environment that you are moving through. The time in the saddle really lends itself to thinking about life and all that comes with that. Today I spent most of my time talking to my dad on the intercom about little things, and thinking about the logistics of what is to come, but at the same time I was still sneaking in some short chataquas about motorcycle maintenance and the big picture. Border crossings to come, cultures to be explored, sunsets and sunrises to be seen, all of which will mark points in this monumentus journey south. The world is a big place and I aim to see some of it on this trip, to take it in and soak up all it has to offer.... Here is to the next ~19,000 miles!

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