Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's not an adventure until something goes wrong!

So I didn't mention it before because I thought things were ok, but when we tried to get on the ferry in La Paz a couple of days ago it came back to bite me. When we hit the border in Mexicali it was shut down because of an "incident". So we just hit the road thinking that we could get the necessary paperwork in La Paz. That was not the case, the FMM form that every tourist requires is not available in La Paz. Anywhere. Period. We ended up getting one in San Jose del Cabo intl airport when we were trying to catch a flight to Tijuana because we were told that the only option was to head back to the border by the immigration officials in La Paz . Not sure why the immigration officials at the airport in san jose gave it to us be we are going to roll the dice and see how it goes. We are now going to head back for the ferry in La Paz and hopefully on to Mazatlan tomorrow. Wish us luck!

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