Sunday, November 25, 2012

Today didn't suck.

The stretch of road leaving Lorento heading for Insurgentes might just be the definition of perfect motorcycle road. It has everything one could hope for... beautiful views, sweeping turns leading to tight ones and fast straight aways, all covered in perfect asphalt with no one around to hold you up. The landscape around us was something out of a dream. Countless colors of butterflies drifted on the breeze over what appeared to be a desert engulfed in a rainforest. Wild flowers flowed over saguaro cactus and the color green took on a whole new meaning. It was like looking at Arizona covered in Hawaii. There was some major flooding in the area back in October which washed away bridges and allowed nature to rework the view. It was a great mornings ride which we followed up with some excellent fish tacos once we got to Insurgentes. They were less than a dollar a piece and the nice women behind the counter even sang happy birthday to my dad! Heading out of town the temperature began to climb and hit the mid nineties for the rest of a long day in the saddles. We were pretty pumped to see the coastline come into view as we decended upon La Paz. We cruised through town along the beachfront and headed straight for the baja ferries offices and dock. After some half understood conversations in Spanish I figured out that the boat leaves at around 4 pm tomorrow and we can get our tourist permits at 8am at the ferry building. So off to Mazatlan tomorrow! We headed back into town to find a hotel for the night and wound up in paradise watching the sunset into the sea with an ice cold margarita in hand.

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