Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Packing Begins...

 How it started
 Ken being the funny man that he is
 The gear expanding
The final look at everything, plus a few fur balls who unfortunately do not fit in the luggage 

Ken arrived yesterday to give him and Ben a full 2 days to take care of last minute details, and to also make sure they had plenty of time to pack properly.  I have been selfishly looking forward to this day because I was picturing the panniers to look like the equivalent of a clown car when they were all packed down - deceitfully small but when the latch opens, a bottomless space full of endless supplies.  To everyone's relief, all the supplies fit comfortably in the three panniers on each bike and there was even extra room for Lisa's, Ben's wife, gear for when she comes down for the last portion of the ride. 

Tonight we are having a good luck/going away party with a few friends before the men take off tomorrow morning.  Keep posted for photos of the festivities...

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