Tuesday, January 15, 2013

End of peru, border to chile

The trip is starting to become more than the sum of its parts. When I think back on all the places and people we have experienced no one thing stands out as spectacular, but the trip as a whole is really something!

We rode down from the highlands of peru and back to the coast through many passes of 15k feet. The terrain was so lush and then we turned a corner and it was barren and dotted with snow capped peaks made of sand. The wildlife was uncooperative on the way down, I clipped a dog who couldn't make up his mind as to which way to go, we both got away unscathed. My dad almost hit a cow. The temperature was all over the place and once we made it to the ocean we found a rocky shoreline with some flat space to camp so we called it a day. The waves were crashing so hard that the sea spray made it feel like it was foggy! We setup camp and explored the tide pools a bit before hitting the sack.

The next morning the border crossing went smoothly. The first town in chile, Arica, was nice so we decided to get cash switched and hit the grocery to restock. A really nice couple asked if we needed help as we looked at the map for a place to camp. They went out of their way and led us to a campsite! Incredible kindness from strangers, such a great intro into their country. They owned a restaurant and we ate there to thank them. It was really good. Its called cafe Del mar and they have a great burger so if you are ever in town stop by and show them some love! We swam in the ocean before heading to bed. It seems like Chile is a bit less impoverished. People have time for hobbies here, kids are playing and having fun, couple are walking through town with smiles. It's a nice place!

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