Monday, January 28, 2013

Lagoon time.

The last few days were a struggle, the life with 4 colors and an existence anchored in the simplicity of life on the road was much easier than watching time go by in one place, no matter how nice the beach. Movement brings calm in life for me, a motion, the slower the better, gives me a sense of purpose, a feeling of worth. Sitting on the beach for days should have been relaxing and fruitful, but after 2 days I yearned for the throttle! We hit the road on day 6! I started likening the time to that spent in prison. Now that we are back on the road I feel a sense of anticipation and excitement for what is to come again! Today brought us closer to the arrival of Lisa and Brooke. What a change in dynamic that will be! Both me and my dad are looking forward to it and we have dubbed it phase 7 of the trip! I can't wait to share this with my wife! We rode closer to BA today and stopped at an estancia to see what the life of a gaucho was like on the pampas, only to discover that most of the ranches are heavily commercialized and just a hotel with horses. The cost was exorbitant and the most expensive night we would have had on the trip to date. We opted for a campground around the corner for less than a quarter of the price. The campground has wifi and a pool and is on the shore of the lagoon. The lagoon is the second in a chain of lakes and is spring fed. It even comes with palapas out of a Dr. Seuss book. (Pictured). We have our hammock, which is worth it's weight in gold, in a nice stand of trees and the breeze is blowing through the tent while we dine on pasta and argentine wine! Life is good.

We washed the bikes for the first time in months! There is something about a clean machine that makes it feel like it is running better to me. The ability to check things for leaks and tightness and get a close look at the bike must have something to do with it. We noticed a build up of dirt near the rear shock on one of the bikes tonight and upon closer examination found it to be from clutch fluid that was spewed during the change at the last service interval. It felt good to diagnose it and find the cause. Doing that gives one a new sense of security in the machine. Just like in life, when you solve a problem or come to an epiphany that renews your perspective. Motorcycle maintenance, for me, is one of life's best teachers. Read zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance if you ever get the chance. You can thank me later. We head into BA tomorrow, big city here we come!

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  1. Hey Ken, I'm keeping an eye on the twos of you, too.