Monday, January 21, 2013

Green, red, blue and white

There are four things that fill my life as I ride through the pampas of Argentina. The rich red soil, the endless fields of green grass and forests of eucalyptus, the limitless blue sky, and thousands of pillowy white clouds. It's simple, just 4 colors, but the depth and richness and variations of them as we float through the countryside on the trustiest of metal steeds, fills my senses and soul with a simplicity and calmness that I remember from my childhood. The smell of the rivers as they flood the land brings back images of northern Wisconsin in the summer time. The cows graze on the prairies and drink from the streams as the sun makes its way across the big blue sky each day. Gauchos ride past on horses wearing fun circular brimmed hats and sipping from mate gourds. We need only 3 things each day, food, water and gas. We seem to fit in nicely, even when we stop riding. People and children in particular, gather and ask a few questions then just relax with us by the bikes as we rest up for more time in the saddle. We are riding for Buenos Aires, and the miles are coming easy lately. We feel like we could keep going and going. Before you know it 350 miles have flown by and we search for a place to camp. The search is short as camping appears to be the national pastime here. We have settled on the shores of a river that borders with Uruguay today. The deep sand on the shores was an entertaining ride in. I chefed up some simple paella tonight and swayed in the breeze in the hammock by the river for a nap. I don't have very good signal so I will hold off on the pictures today, until I can find some wifi. The simple life continues tomorrow. Peace out!

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