Saturday, January 19, 2013

Iguazu falls!

We finally made it to the falls today! We had our first flat tire the other day which consumed about a day of screwing around with that mess. We were able to plug the tire at camp, but we both felt that was a temporary solution. We rode to the nearest town 50 miles down the road and started to search for a more permanent solution. Things were getting bad with the tire when a nice local guy at a motorcycle shop said he would like to help. His name was Roberto. He proceeded to lead us around town on his bike to all the motorbike shops looking for a new tire. The search was exhausting, we must have hit up every shop in town! When no tire could be found we went to a "gomera", what they call a tire-store in Argentina. The guy was a pro, he had our tire permanently patched up in 10 minutes. We were on our way, but we decided to search for an air compressor to make the next flat tire a little easier. We even managed to find one and bought it but upon testing it out we discovered it was broken and had to return it. With most if the day gone we were determined to make some progress towards the falls and headed on down the road. We found a camp about 80 miles short of the falls and decided to take it. It had two swimming pools and was quite nice. I chefed up some pasta for dinner and we rested up for an early start.

We got up and made it to Iguazu early and had a hard time finding breakfast again. We have come to the conclusion that Argentinians don't eat breakfast. The don't start thinking about dinner until 8 pm either! They also take a siesta everyday. I like their laid back lifestyle. Everything closes from noon to 4. Once we got into the park we spent the day walking around the massive waterfalls! It was epic, I think it was the coolest waterfalls I have ever seen. I took about a million pictures and we even rode the jet boat up the river and into the falls! We got soaked, and the boat was a blast. We had to be doing 25 mph upstream! The day was full of monkeys, coatamundis and parrots. I liked it here, a lot. Tomorrow we resume the southerly direction enroute to pick up my wife and our friend Brooke in BA. The third phase of the trip is going to be great! I can't wait!

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