Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Salt, emu and steak!

Today's road creatures included emu! That is my first, person sized, bird I've seen in the wild. We spent most of the day riding in the rain. The rain ended at about 12000 feet, and then the heat set in, the rest of the day was at well over 100 degrees. We rode past salt flats that were as far as we could see to the horizon. We rode through windy roads where the switchbacks numbered in the 100's! The mountains went from red to green and we saw countless red brick ovens along the roadside. We think that they are used for making charcoal for the asado grills. Love that Argentine steak! We stopped for lunch on the roadside and I got attacked by ants. I got one on my left hand, and noticed my ring in the picture I took of it. I sure miss my wife. She is my inspiration in life and I should have brought her with me for the whole trip and not just the Argentina portion.

The highway was littered with butterflies today. So many that it seemed as if it was snowing! The steak at lunch was every bit worth the hype. Excellent cut followed by ice cream! Today marks 2 months on the road. A long time by anyone's schedule!

Woke up the next day to grueling temps again, 104 by 2 pm! We stopped for lunch on the road and ate beneath nests of green parrots in the eucalyptus trees. So many that it was loud from the chirping! The road was as straight as could be all day, good and bad asphalt. We stopped for the day at a public campground. Found a ton of them on google! Thanks is to the internet for making life easier! See you tomorrow for another hot day!

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