Monday, January 7, 2013

No air.

Started the morning itching to get on the road after 3 days of Dakar rest. We got up at 5 am and we were done with breakfast by 6:30. We got suited up and packed the bikes and were on the road by 8. Getting out of lima was a breeze, the town was all still sleeping on Sunday morning. We had 150 miles under our belts by 10:30am. We rolled through Pisco and saw stage two of the Dakar out in the dunes. (Pictured). We blazed on by and made it to nazca earlier than we anticipated so we just turned and headed up the mountain towards Cuzco. The road just kept going up and up. It was twisty and tight, with no guardrails. Semis were cutting the corners on our side if he highway which made it really quite sporting! We crossed into guanaco territory and started to see herds of them roaming the high plains. They are a nice light tan color everywhere except their bellies and when they see you coming they put their ears back and make a funny face. They look like a cross between a camel and a llama. We stopped to put on rain gear and took a look at the GPS when the clouds started to leak. The road was about to get really twisty and steep so we decided to find a camp because it was about to get dark and we had ridden 350 miles already. Tonights camp is at 13000 feet amongst snow covered hills and when we stopped the temperature was about 42 degrees Fahrenheit. The sunset was amazing. Golden ribbons of clouds decorated the blue sky while heavy clouds hung below them on the horizon. I hope it doesn't snow too much tonight so we can ride out of here tomorrow morning!

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