Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Chilean coastline

We broke camp in the sea mist right after the sun came over the dunes and dried out the tent. The coastline was littered with people all camping and having a great time enjoying the surf and the sun. There seemed to be a campground every coupe of miles. We kept riding, thinking it would never end and that when we came to the end of the day we would find a great spot. We were wrong, the beaches eventually turned to rocks and the campgrounds faded away in our memories. We thought that they would come back so we kept going. And going... Until we needed gas and that's a hard thing to do on these bikes with a range of 400+ miles! We pulled over in a shanty town and started to ask around, the man in the yellow house was everyone's answer. We found a yellow house and low and behold a guy came out with an couple of gallons. It saved the day! We headed further down the coast into Tocopillas and fueled up the rest of the way. With a full tank we set out to find a spot on the beach. The light was fading and we had to just hit the coast down the next dirt path we could find. It turned out to be just fine, tent on a nice flat piece of ground, listening to the sea pound the shore. Big miles again today, I think we are going to make Iguazu Falls early!

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