Saturday, December 1, 2012

29th of November.

We woke up early and got on the road by 7:30. With no restaurants around we hit the road towards Sayulita in hopes of a cup of coffee. When we got there, about 2 hours later, we headed down a cobble stone road which didn't look like it lead to much of anything. The bike loped along and we came out of the tiny street into the town square of a surfing community steeped in good food bordered by a magical beach! The place was epic, we had breakfast in the busiest place and it was more food than we could handle. With full bellies we hit the road again in hopes of making it to Puerto Vallarta. Once we had made it through the congestion of the city we pulled over at a deserted beach and took a dip in the pacific. The water was calm and we floated around until we felt the need to find a place to set up camp before dark. The roads were twisted and smooth and we rode until the sunset and we were getting worried about where to stay. We passed a hotel and almost pulled the trigger, but it would have been expensive so we pushed on. On a whim I turned down a side road and it dead ended in some karma. We stumbled into the perfect campground, set our tent up on the beach and went in the ocean to cool off. The place even had a shower, and all of this for 10 bucks! Fell asleep late while writing blogs and thinking about the trip!

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