Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sink holes and big fish!

Boy what a day! We are now in our fourth country in less than a month. The border crossing was extraordinarily painless, thanks to the guys at Butler Maps! We hit the road early and made it to the border by 8am. Everything was going smooth until the temporary import permit process for the motos into Honduras. We didn't have enough cash to pay for the permits and we had already canceled our Guatemala permits so the bikes couldn't go back there to get more money.  We weren't legal in Honduras yet so I had to leave the bikes and my dad in no-mans land and hop into a bus headed for the first town in Honduras to get to an ATM. The bus was an old Toyota minivan into which they crammed 21 people including myself. It was actually kind of a nice change of pace to travel with someone else driving so I could look around and relax. The bus smelled of fresh onions and tamales that were in baskets and bags on the lap of the girl next to me. The view was of countless peaks blanketed in lush greenness and soft puffy clouds that danced among them. The bus was so loaded with people that the shocks were completely compressed, so much so that when we went over the speed "mountains" we had to creep over to avoid tearing the undercarriage off. When the rear tires fell off he back end of each bump you could hear the frame creak! We rolled into town and I was shown the bus stop where I would catch a ride back to La Frontera after I had done my business at the cajero automatico. The stop was a small lean-to roof of wood and two benches in the dirt. There was a man there cobbling shoes. When I had gotten my money along with several warnings to watch my wallet in public, I headed back to the bus stop. A little itty-bitty old lady dropped off a pair of shoes when I got there and then she went to the market and got some produce and then came back, in which time the cobbler had resoled them for her. He did an excellent job. When he was done with her shoes, and she had paid, he walked away as if she had an appointment with him at that bus stop. The bus departed and we passed a guy on a mountain bike being towed up he hill by another guy on a horse! We finished up at the border and had some breakfast and headed into Honduras. We dodged potholes and hit a few on our way to Tegucigalpa. Fell a bit short and stayed by a large lake where we had some great deep fried fish and a mountain of plantains from one of a 100 little restaurants on the lake all selling exactly the same thing right next to each other. We ate at Maria #2 of which there were 4. The hotel was built on swampland and the floor slants about a foot like a fun house. When you walk to the bathroom you end up smashing into the wall because the floor isn't level. The shower is another on demand shower head heater with the wires exposed. This time it has a switch and we decided to see what happened when we flipped it. The result was a blue green spark so we had a cold shower again today. I am getting kind of used to it though, so no big deal. We realized today that we must have passed about a million roadside stands selling coconuts and melons and we still haven't had one. Gonna remedy that tomorrow. We only had 2 photo shoots today. Probably because we didn't stop much. Hopefully we will make he border with Nicaragua tomorrow. Honduras is pretty, but we are feeling the itch to move on from all our sightseeing in Guatemala. Getting pretty good and setting up and breaking down camp now and the luggage on the bike is perfectly organized. Loving the simple and exciting life on the road!

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