Sunday, December 2, 2012


Falling asleep last night on the beach I was awakened by the sound of a big truck releasing its air brakes. Strange, I thought, as it was 10pm on the beach in the middle of nowhere. I heard a rattling noise as a team of soldiers got out of the truck with their automatic rifles dangling at their sides and ran towards our tent. I was planning my next move when they stopped short of the beach and lit the search light and scanned the beach. After they had seen what they had came for they turned and walked back to the truck and left. I laid awake for a while wondering what I would have done if that had gone differently. I won't go into it here, but it involved some very specific skills if you get my meaning. After a horrible nights sleep, because of a flat sleeping pad, which I later discovered was a feather stuck in the closure, I woke to a nice sunrise and another day of curves. After the curves, we went through some 50 million speed bumps which got a little old. I stopped for a minute and my dad reminded me to look around when we slowed down and it would get better. I enjoyed the rest of the ride and the cool sights and sounds and smells. We were cruising through zihuatenajo and had a conversation with a guy riding in the back of a truck for about 10 stoplights. First time for everything! We had quite a long day with well over 300 miles added to the odometer. Acapulco traffic was some of the worst I have ever ridden in. We split lanes and drove through congestion thicker than my last chest cold, only to get chased by cops for the last ten minutes before we ducked into the hotel parking lot! The Scala rider broke yesterday so we are headed to a local motorcycle shop to see if we can get a replacement before we head out tomorrow. Bikes are running great, about time for the first set of tires and an oil change. We are expecting to start hitting some rain as we head into Guatemala. Did all the laundry today and we are all set for the wet!

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