Saturday, December 22, 2012

Positive thinking!

I feel like I have been kind of negative lately on the blog. Today was a different story. We woke up in the old town of Panama City and had a nice walk through the streets of a booming restoration project. It seems as though just about every building was being restored in some way. However, there was still a stark contrast between the rich and the poor there. The picture of the balcony, from the last post, that is in shambles is right outside our posh hotel room. There were people living in places that should have been condemned right next to fancy restaurants. I sure enjoyed the time we had there though, we had a nice stroll and a great breakfast and cup of coffee. After that we were able to solve our cash flow problem and head to girag to ship the bikes. We arrived just in time to get them on the plane for today! Things went smooth and we headed to the airport. Bought some tickets on the next flight out and here we are! Bogota looks amazing at night! There are Christmas lights everywhere and the people have been very nice so far. I can't wait to explore a bit tomorrow as the bikes won't be here until Monday morning. Stay tuned for some sights tomorrow!

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