Friday, December 21, 2012


The title of the post refers to the Spanish word for cash. Cash is the key word for the day as we can't seem to get enough. Started the morning riding before the sun came up again. Happy to get out of the raunchy hotel we were in, we rushed to beat the traffic in Panama City. No stopping for breakfast or anything, but it didn't help, we hit gridlock coming into the city at 6am! We split lanes like the pros we have become over the last 7k and made it to the airport cargo area just as they opened. We went right into the main office and we were told that we needed to talk to Richard. He was nowhere to be found, so we waited... for 3 hours! He finally made it to work and told us that he didn't accept credit cards for payment. So we headed to the bank to get some cash. The bank said that we couldn't get any money from them as we didn't have an account there so we headed to the ATM... The ATM daily limit was nowhere enough to ship 2 motos so we tried to get cash advances on our credit cards. The pins didn't work so we spent a few more hours on the phone trying to remedy that problem until finally we gave up and got a hotel and we will give it another go tomorrow. We were told that the plane leaves tomorrow, but unless the credit cards start working magically, we aren't going to make that. So looks like we could be here a while what with the holidays and all. Things were going a bit too smooth I guess. The upside is we are in the casco viejo and it is quite a cool scene. Lots of action and good food to keep us entertained while we wait to get more effectivo!

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