Saturday, December 1, 2012

Didn't waste that one!

Got up before the sun today! Got a great jump on the heat of the day and put about a hundred miles on before it got hot. When I say hot I mean humid. When you stop moving, with all the motorcycle gear on it only takes about a second before you feel like the riding gear is glued to your skin and then about another second before there is sweat pouring down your face and by then you are struggling to get out of the gear and you realize that it doesn't matter because as soon as you take it off the sun starts to turn you red. Intense sun. Like putting your face in front of an oven and then opening the door. So you just leave everything on and enjoy the breeze when you get moving again. Small motorcycles are everywhere on the roads lately, makes me think of one of the books that I read before the trip as the guy in it rode the same kind of bike that I see the most of around here. It was called old man and a bike, I think. I saw 3 big iguanas cross the road in front of me today, and one hanging from the handlebars of some guys bike that I think may have been his dinner plans. I also saw a whole mess of ass on the side of the road. Donkeys that is, wild donkeys! There was one sad one too with a broken leg, to add to the tally of injured dogs that we see regularly. Mexico really needs a better spay and neuter program or something to stop all the stray animals from roaming through the streets and getting hit, it's sad. Toll road at 110kph was a nice change of pace today from our usual 80kph. Breakfast from a caballero with handlebar stache and a big knife and chopping block was Excellente! I find the best places by just looking for where the locals are eating... The road rumbled on after breakfast through small towns full of grilled chicken and fruit stands, need to stop for some of that tomorrow! Also fields of banana plants as far as you could see! we took another "escape the heat" swim break today at a turtle beach sanctuary. It was so hot we set the tent up on the beach to get out of the sun whilst we got into our suits. The sand was like cornmeal with salt! There were turtle nests full of eggs everywhere and tons of turtle trails crisscrossed the beach. The shoreline was really steep and we had quite a workout getting in and out of the surf! After the turtles we hit the road and it seemed like the curves went on forever. The night before when we looked at the map I picked out a beach that I thought looked good for camping and when we got there, it had a perfect beach camp for 5 bucks with modelos, big fish and tacos! Showers again and an epic surf break! It even had a palapa for the tent so we didn't have to use the rain fly. Tons of spiders and lightening bugs filled the field when the sun went down. What a day!

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