Monday, December 17, 2012

Projectile oranges and headlights

The Nicaragua border crossing went pretty smooth, there was some confusion about one of the forms, but all in all it was pretty easy. It took about 2 hours in total and then we were back on the road. The recommendations we have received about this country have all been for the same beach so we ambitiously set that as our goal for the day. In order to reach it though we would need to put in about 250 miles in half a days riding time. The first five miles were going great until someone hurdled an orange out of the jungle right into my dad's windshield! Welcome to Nicaragua! We contemplated stopping and finding whomever did it, but just rode on instead. There were quite a few people through out the day who faked throwing things at us. Despite the imminent threat of projectiles we had a amazing days ride. We rode through a town where there was some sort of horse party. There must have been a few hundred horses in this tiny town! They were clogging the streets and bands were playing everywhere. People were pouring in and it seemed like quite a party was about to go down. We stopped for lunch and listened to a mariachi band crank out some Christmas music. I love mariachi bands! The food was excellent and it came with Jamacian tea. I'm not sure what it was but it was fantastic! It tasted kind of like cranberries and some other fruits. Back on the road after lunch and there were no potholes and the road was fast and traffic was light. We rode a little bit into the darkness, but we made it to the beach! Riding at night sure sucked, everyone would flash their brights at us or just leave theirs on. So it was easier to just turn ours on too. The beach is dumpier than we expected after all the recommendations, but we are hoping things improve in the light of day. Had some great lobster ceviche and Fluor de CaƱa for dinner while listening to some Bob Marley and hit the sack.

Strange road creatures for today included a guy sleeping on the sidewalk with his legs out in the street and a girl laying in the road at the bus stop. Looking forward to Costa Rica!

Not many good pics today again, I was trying to take them from the bike as we had to keep going to make the beach. I did get one of a nice set of power lines in Honduras and one of the Nicaraguan countryside. The one of my dad walking away is the border crossing paperwork shuffle.

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