Monday, December 3, 2012

Boom boom boom!

Everyday is so full of sights, sounds and smells its hard to remember it all to write it down here. It feels good to write things down, cuz then they exist outside of your head, independent of you, for all time, so i'll do my best. The motorcycling throughout the trip so far, has used more of the sides of the tires than the centers. The speeds have been slower than normal and the distances less than usual due to the route we have taken, but I would do it again for sure! The curves have been excellent and for the most part so has the pavement. Just about every day we have run into construction of some sort on the road. The construction has taken us over some pretty rough stuff, it makes the day a nice combination of off road riding and twisties. Today was a bit different than most in that we went 75mph for a large part of it. We still used the outsides of the tires, but not because the road was curvy. The wind was some the strongest wind I have ever ridden in, it would gust so hard it would turn my head against my will! I think that it is always pretty windy here because there were more wind turbines than I have ever seen! We made it to a border town close to Guatemala, and we are staying in what appears to be a discoteca, I can still hear the music through my ear plugs as I write this. BOOM BOOM BOOM! It's actually coming from the metal working shop across the street from the hotel. There is one guy in a 12x10 room sitting on his computer with his giant stereo so loud that I can feel the bass in my mattress!

I have missed so many great pictures so far because we haven't been able to pull over due to a lack of shoulder. The road is narrow and raised up from the surrounding land so that getting off the highway to take a break is usually quite a challenge. Today's interesting road creatures included a tarantula and fresh lobsters. People were selling the lobsters in he middle of the highway. Last nights camp was in bahias de huatulco, a tourist trap, but an out of the way one at that. There were 9 bays that we were told about and saw pictures of as we walked along the beach checking out one of them. One guy in particular hung with us for a while trying to get us go go fishing. Our camp was right next to a perfect beach in between all the resorts. The hammock fit nicely between some coconut palms and we are dinner while watching an amazing array of birds fly overhead. There were green parrots and black and yellow something or others and some magpie/pheasant/peacock looking things as well as the coolest woodpeckers I have ever seen. They had long pencil thin necks and bright red mohawks and lived in he palm trees.

The bikes are holding up great! The GPS is making navigation a breeze and I can't seem to get enough pollo asado! Guatemala tomorrow!

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