Monday, December 10, 2012

Day of rest

Today marks only the second day since we left on the 15th of November that we didn't ride the motos. The first was in Acapulco and today was in Semuc Champey. We rode into Lanquin yesterday hoping to see the falls but we ended up taking the tour today instead. It turned out to be a great day! We woke up a bit early because of the local roosters who decided that the sun was rising at 4 am today. Turned out they were wrong. The sun came up around 7 as usual. Great morning of hiking in the jungle followed by canyoneering and spelunking! The canyon was really a lot of swimming in perfect turquoise pools and sliding down waterfalls. The cave also had a river flowing through it that we swam in for about an hour and a half. After that we tubed down the river for a while and then watched people jump from the bridge! The day was action packed but at the same time it was a nice break from the saddle. We are going to head for Tikal in the morning. We have been on the trip now for almost a month, things are starting to become familiar, my Spanish is improving, I learn at least one word each day. Life on the bike is simple, it gives me a lot if time to think. Think about family and friends and life back home. All the complications that one gets wrapped up in. I don't miss all the stuff that's for sure, I do miss the people though. I miss my wife a lot! It sure will be nice when she joins us later in the trip. Life is definitely better with her in it.

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